I saw that United States Interagency Council on Homelessness was doing an open forum on the issue of youth homelessness and figured that they would want as much input as they can get! Click the “read more” to find out more information on how you can offer opinions to USICH on broad strategies to lessen youth homelessness.

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Republican Rep. Mary Franson compares using food stamps to feeding animals.  The remark comes at about 1:50 in the video.   Appalling remarks and when will she apologize?  Food stamps are an extremely important component in helping Minnesota families but also a federally funded program that brings extra dollars into our state.  Every dollar of food stamp spending helps our Minnesota economy and our Minnesota families.   



safe zone is taking applications for a peer outreach worker!!! they are looking for a youth under 21 who is stabley housed and familiar with youth resources. have them fax a cover letter and resume to 651 228 7048

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Good morning All-
I am sharing a link with you this morning to help kids who do not have access to dental care.  The MN Dental Association has put together a 2 day event to help as many kids as they can who need dental care.  Services will vary from:
Preventative care
The age range is 3-17.
If there are students/families that can benefit of the FREE opportunity for dental care – please pass this on!!
Here is the link to information!

cold,cold,cold day…

kind of glad we spent our entire shift on youth calls and taking people to the food shelf rather than walking around. we only had eight contacts and all were repeats but we helped people get a lot accomplished.

at the shelter we had ten turn a ways tonight.

only the 25th and 26th is the Ramsey county unsheltered count. on the 25th you can track the numbers of people that will not have anywhere to stay that night and on the 26th ask people where they stayed on the night of the 25th. if you have questions or to get forms dropped off to you call safe zone 651 224 9644 or safe house 651 644 3446


Join us at AIDS Action Day on February 9!


AIDS Action Day is the day that HIV advocates take over the state Capitol to increase awareness of HIV, meet with legislators, and rally in the Capitol Rotunda. The Minnesota AIDS Project public policy department schedules meetings and provides attendees with issues and advocacy training. Legislators truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to come meet with them.

HIV Advocates in Action: Telling Our Stories is a short film that emphasizes the importance of advocacy for HIV prevention and the power of telling our stories. Watch HIV advocates tell their stories at AIDS Action Day last year and then register to join them in 2012

You can stay connected to HIV advocacy issues by subscribing to the HIV Action Network or following us on Facebook.

LifeHaven Open House

Today, January 17, from 4-8pm LifeHaven will host an Open House. Please join us! Our address is 325 Jenks Ave, St. Paul. LifeHaven is a program serving minor moms and their children. Please call us at 651-776-9805 with any questions.

PBS story on GLBT homeless youth

Check out the following link to learn about the fabulous GLBT Host Home program and wonderful things they are doing!


Friday Shift

Productive shift, we met in downtown St. Paul and talked to a girl about a shelter opening tonight and she called at seven and got the bed, she advocated for herself which is an amazing skill. Another youth is staying in a program that puts her in a hotel for “as long as she needs” which i don’t understand but whatever it is its working for her so we dropped her off there. I have know her for a long time so its great she can get more stable.

I was sad today, a youth that i have known for almost three years aged out of youth shelters today. I believe he will accomplish amazing things but its hard to watch a person lose a resource. I know that most of our programs in MN only work with people under 21, and like my supervisor said even when we go to under 24 we will look at 25 year olds ageing out and wonder why we cant use our resources up to 30.

No new youth at DDC which is always a plus. Tonight we mostly had to conduct emergency case management so we only had 8 contacts, but we got a lot accomplished.